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At Northeastern Spine and Sport Chiropractic, our mission is to provide convenient evidence-informed musculoskeletal healthcare to the people of Northeastern NC. With a brick and mortar location and our offering of mobile Chiropractic services, we aim to be accessible to our patients in the midst of our ever busier schedules and lifestyles. We strive to follow the current evidence on best practices, and are committed to a lifetime of learning that provides you with the best healthcare possible. 

Through this, we hope to help you:

Feel Better. Move Better. Live Better.

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          Dr. Jonathan Owen grew up in Southern Maryland near Annapolis. He played soccer at a very competitive level for over a decade, and also dabbled in other sports over the years. In High school, he played soccer and ice hockey for Huntingtown High School in Calvert County, MD. His parents retired and moved to Elizabeth City during his senior year of HS, and he has been a consistent visitor to the area for the past 10 years. He quickly fell in love with all that Northeastern NC had to offer, and felt led to eventually make this area his family's home.

          After graduating from HS in 2014, he went to Liberty University in VA for his Bachelor's degree. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Exercise Science, and during his time in that program, he was exposed to chiropractic care by a professor of his who became a valued mentor. Having originally planned to become a physical therapist, Jon changed course and ended up applying to and getting accepted into chiropactic school. While at Liberty, Jon also met his future wife, Kristin, and they got married and had their first son before they both graduated in 2018. Kristin has been working as a nurse since then, and currently works on a maternity floor at a hospital in the area serving patients and a population that she is passionate about.

          The Owen family moved to St. Louis, MO where Jon enrolled in chiropractic school at Logan University. He spent a lot of time in clubs, taking electives, and attending seminars that focused on the care and rehabilitation of athletic and active individuals. During his time in the clinics on campus and in his preceptorships, he has cared for a wide variety of patients from infant to geriatric, and everywhere in between. He completed part of his preceptorship with his mentor, Dr. Jeffrey Lowes, in Lynchburg, VA. This included time spent at Dr. Lowes' private practice, Virginia Sport and Spine Institute, and in the training room working with the athletes of Liberty University, and Lynchburg College.. Jon graduated Cum Laude in 2022 from Logan University. During his time at Logan University, he and Kristin welcomed their 2nd son, and shortly after graduation, they moved to Elizabeth City. 

          Since graduation, Dr. Owen has worked for 2 separate offices in the area. In those experiences, he learned a lot to help shape his own view on how best to serve Elizabeth City moving forward, but he realized that in order to do so in the best way possible, opening his own practice made the most sense. We hope to redefine how people in our area view and interact with chiropractors, as we believe your healthcare needs are best addressed when ALL of your healthcare providers work together for your best interest. Dr. Owen is a firm believer in medical integration and will maintain open lines of communication with you and your other healthcare providers so that you as a patient are served as effectively as possible.

          Now that they are full time residents, Jon and Kristin are excited to raise their three kids here in the Harbor of Hospitality as they welcomed their daughter to the family in 2023.. They love spending time with their neighbors, the kids' grandparents, and they are active members at their local church. We at NESS look forward to being a part of Elizabeth City, and serving you for many years to come and raising our family along side you and yours.



Chiropractic Manipulation

Your typical treatment you think of when you think of Chiropractors. We use our hands or tools to adjust or manipulate joints of the body. Research shows that this treatment helps restore range of motion, and decrease pain. Historically, Chiropractors also propose that this treatment has an effect on the nervous system that can have a wide range of positive side effects outside of pain relief and restoring range of motion. Dr. Owen has trained in numerous adjusting techniques, including some that are considered low force and not as aggressive as some techniques you've likely seen or experienced with other Chiropractors.


Muscle Therapies

Other than adjustments/manipulation, Chiropractors can also do hands on treatments to various muscles and ligaments through out the body. Dr. Owen has undergone training in various techniques to perform manual therapy for his patients. This includes taking Active Release courses, and studying Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, IASTM(similar to Graston). He also is able to provide dry needling to patients. We will add more beneficial services as we move forward to make sure you are getting the best care possible!



Dr. Owen puts a lot of value in showing his patients exercises and stretches to help them get better quicker, and be able to maintain their own health without relying on constant visits with him. While Dr. Owen will likely spend more time with his patients than they are use to with other healthcare providers, he believes the things you do in the time away from him and his care are just as important, if not more important than what he can do while with you. He has done extensive training both in classrooms, and in practical applications to learn how to help you rehab your injuries.





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