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Services Offered


Chiropractic Manipulation

Your typical treatment you think of when you think of Chiropractors. We use our hands or tools to adjust or manipulate joints of the body. Research shows that this treatment helps restore range of motion, and decrease pain. Historically, Chiropractors also propose that this treatment has an effect on the nervous system that can have a wide range of positive side effects outside of pain relief and restoring range of motion. Dr. Owen has trained in numerous adjusting techniques, including some that are considered low force and not as aggressive as some techniques you've likely seen or experienced with other Chiropractors.


Muscle Therapies

Other than adjustments/manipulation, Chiropractors can also do hands on treatments to various muscles and ligaments through out the body. Dr. Owen has undergone training in various techniques to perform manual therapy for his patients. This includes taking Active Release courses, and studying Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, IASTM(similar to Graston). He also is able to provide dry needling to patients. We will add more beneficial services as we move forward to make sure you are getting the best care possible!



Dr. Owen puts a lot of value in showing his patients exercises and stretches to help them get better quicker, and be able to maintain their own health without relying on constant visits with him. While Dr. Owen will likely spend more time with his patients than they are use to with other healthcare providers, he believes the things you do in the time away from him and his care are just as important, if not more important than what he can do while with you. He has done extensive training both in classrooms, and in practical applications to learn how to help you rehab your injuries.

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